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On Media

In the midst of the greatest transition since the genesis of the commercial television, you need to understand the cross-section of media, messaging, and marketing.





On Brands

Brands are their companies’ principal intangible assets, responsible for the majority of most leading advertisers’ market capitalization.

On Brands

Brands are their companies’ principal intangible assets, responsible for the majority of most major advertisers’ market capitalization.








On Metrics and Analytics

Today, you need to do more than describe—you need to prescribe with timely and granular ROI metrics and analytics at the cadence of decision making.


The Sequent Partners Advantage

As a trusted independent expert in marketing mix and attribution modeling, Sequent Partners is regularly called upon by industry bodies to:
  • • Author provider guides and best practices
  • • Improve model inputs in Television, Magazines, Social Media/Word of Mouth, Out of Home, Radio, Hispanic Media, and In-Store marketing
  • • Foster a dialogue on data quality, analytic techniques, and organizational adoption and innovation—as evidenced by our Attribution Accelerator event

We are respected for our broad consulting experience with leading marketers. That’s why marketers come to us for assistance when developing their own internal modeling capabilities—because we show them how to identify clear goals, run the RFP process, and conduct vendor selection.

Sequent Partners also continues to push the boundaries, driving groundbreaking innovation in media metrics by:
  • • Engineering digital audience segments
  • • Advancing techniques for data fusions and matching
  • • Developing single source data analytics
  • • Creating a global, app-based, cross-media measurement service
  • • Establishing digital audience measurement standards for industry audits

2019 TV Attribution Provider Guide

At the 2019 CIMM Summit, Sequent Partners presented the results of a study commissioned by CIMM and 4As with an outline of key topics and a comparison of leading providers.