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Be Online In Hours Not Days

Contrary to what you may have thought, or heard, a new WordPress website can be brought online in a matter of hours by leveraging free, pre-made, professionally designed layouts like those shown below. All pre-made layouts are fully customizable and easily edited with no coding skills required. (View more free pre-made layouts)




What You'll Need To Get Started

Every website is built on three foundational components: a Domain Name, Hosting, and a Content Management System (CMS)

Domain Name

A Domain Name holds the address of your website and is used to register and locate your content on the Internet. A chosen Domain Name generally reflects the name of the business it supports (e.g.,


Hosting provides the computer/server infrastructure that your Domain Name points to and on which your website content is made publicly and securely available 24/7 on the Internet.


A CMS (Content Management System) provides the framework for creating, storing, and stylizing your website content and runs on the hosting infrastructure. The most popular and widely used CMS across the Internet is WordPress.

Easy as 1 - 2 - 3

Complete the 3 steps below for just under $100 and be on your way to getting your business online with a professional quality website using WordPress - the most popular and powerful CMS on the planet!

Step 1: Procure a Domain Name

You can lease a Domain Name through a Domain Registrar of which there are several. I find Google Domains to be affordable and easy to manage. The average cost for a Domain Name is $12 to $15 annually.

Optionally a Domain Name can be leased through your chosen Hosting provider. Many Hosting providers also operate as Domain Registrars. While this option offers convenience you’ll typically pay a few dollars extra each year.


Step 2: Procure a Hosting Plan

As with Domain Names there are several Hosting providers to choose from. Two affordable options are SiteGround and HostGator. Both are top-tier providers with global reach, scalable plans, exceptional customer service, and entry level options that won’t break the budget. HostGator’s entry level plan is available for just $33 (with promotional discount) for the first full year of service.

Click the banners below to compare and purchase a plan.

Most small businesses just getting started can make do with the entry level plan from either hosting provider.

(Note: when you purchase a plan via the affiliate links below WP Web Caddy is eligible to receive a commission at no additional cost to you)

Step 3: Install and Configure WordPress with WP Web Caddy

Schedule a 1-hour New Build session (@ $50) with WP Web Caddy to get your WordPress environment optimally installed on your purchased Domain Name and Hosting plan. Together we’ll setup and configure your WordPress environment with a pre-made, professionally designed template. You’ll receive the introductory training needed to customize the pre-made template to make it your own, while at the same time gaining a trusted WordPress partner you can reach out to for ongoing support.